Now You Can Visit Princess Diana's Palace -- Before Kate Middleton Moves In! (VIDEO)

kensington palace

Those who are obsessed with all things royal will be thrilled to hear that Princess Diana's former Kensington Palace home has just be reopened to the public for tours. Someone please buy me a ticket on British Airways and get the tea and crumpets ready -- because I'm all about making the trip. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to see where Diana lived, not to mention where William and Kate are going to shack up next year?

The palace has also housed other well known members of the monarchy through the ages including Queen Victoria and King William III & Queen Mary II, but let's be honest, most people will visit the museum/home because they want to pay their respects to Princess Diana -- and perhaps catch a glimpse of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Aside from the history of the building itself, the biggest attraction at Kensington Palace will be Diana's collection of dresses, which are housed in a glass display case on the ground floor. Sketches and photos will also accompany the gowns, which include a Versace cocktail dress, black taffeta Emmanuel gown, and a fuchsia one made by Catherine Walker.

Touring Kensington Palace will be a welcome addition to other hot spots in London, and will be a different experience than visiting Buckingham Palace. And even though the tourist season is already busy across the pond, my guess is that things will pick up even further once William and Kate finally move into their Georgian-style house on the property next year. Those two are impossible to resist!

For a sweet memory, take a look at this video of Prince William as a toddler in the Kensington Palace Gardens with his parents.

Will you visit Kensington Palace the next time you're in London?

Image via wolfsavard/Flickr

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