Jonas Brothers' Reality Show Should Be a No Go

jonas brothersDo you think that Ryan Seacrest just lies in bed at night and thinks about how to make money? New evidence suggests that he does since the Jonas Brothers of, er, Jonas Brothers fame have allegedly signed a deal with the E! network to film their own reality show. Nick, Kevin, and Joe will be followed by cameras as they live and work in New York City. It's been reported that Kevin's storyline will focus around his married life, Nick's will center on his Broadway play How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying, and Joe, well ... no one's really that sure. He's apparently working on a solo career, so perhaps his storyline will rotate around his late night songwriting sessions and early morning salon visits.

The E! network is no stranger to familial reality shows -- Seacrest produces all the Kardashian shows for the channel that also airs Ice Loves Coco and Kendra. But E!'s resume doesn't mean the Jo Bros are in good hands.


First of all, the last thing the over-saturated market needs right now is another reality show. Let the terrible Jersey Shore ratings be an indication that the ship is starting to set sail. Same with the Kardashian wedding backlash -- most of us are fed up with so-called "reality" TV and I have a feeling the dislike of the genre is only gaining momentum.

Second of all, name me a reality show that actually benefited its cast in a positive and impactful way. Yes there's money and notoriety, but how many people walk away from a reality show really pleased with themselves? It seems like a dirty game that leaves its players a lot worse, albeit richer, for the wear. Before the Jo Bros sign any papers, they should talk to the Hogan family because, well, yikes.

We'll find out soon enough if the Jonas siblings will be beamed into our living rooms every night, but I hope for their sake they wise up and realize their Jo Bro show should be a no go.

Would you watch a Jonas Brothers reality show?


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