New 'Hunger Games' Clip Reveals That Liam Hemsworth Is Strictly Eye Candy (VIDEO)

Liam hemsworth as gale in hunger gamesI can't believe it is only Tuesday, because it's become blatantly clear that between The Hunger Games premiere and the return of Mad Men, anyone who enjoys awesome entertainment is wishing it was THE WEEKEND right now! Having read the series a few months ago, I'm so on the edge of my seat for The Hunger Games.

Now, of course, being so psyched, I jumped at the chance to view the latest HG clip to make its way onto the web ... But. Agh. I am really, truly sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you know how Miley's boyfriend Liam Hemsworth plays one half of the hottie quotient in the film as Katniss's hunt-lovin' BFF Gale. Well, this new clip features him opposite Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss, and it ... er ... how do I say this? It's not pretty. Or maybe that's all it is.


Clearly, Jennifer Lawrence was a primo pick as the HG heroine, because she's a serious actress -- in every sense of that expression. She was nominated for an Oscar last year for crying out loud, and not for nothin'! The woman can act. Thank goodness, because any ol' cutesy teenybopper "performer" wasn't going to cut it.

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Which brings me to ... Liam. The Aussie is GORGEOUS! Tall, sorta dark, and completely dashing. And he definitely has one over on Josh Hutcherson in the hair department. But can he act? Well, watch this clip in which Gale gets to say his final goodbye to Katniss, and you be the judge ...

SEE. UGH! It's so so awful!!! It's like a screen test that should have ended up on the cutting room floor. Doh! I know that sounds somewhat cruel, but I'm simply being honest. Maybe the problem is that she's just THAT good, and he's ... not at her level, so it makes him seem even worse? Oh well. It's not like all the performances in this film were necessarily going to be Oscar-worthy anyway. Still, thank goodness Liam got cast as Gale and not Peeta, because I would guess there's only so much cringe-worthy screen time one could take.

Do you agree Liam's acting leaves something to be desired?


Image via emjanedc/YouTube

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