Kris Humphries' Annulment From Kim Kardashian Could Save His Career

Kim kardashian and Kris HumphriesLast week, Kris Humphries made headlines for asking ex Kim Kardashian to pony up the $7 million he says he is owed from their joint bank account. Maybe it made him come off a little bit like a golddigger -- or at least that's the hope of the Kardashian spin machine. Golddigging isn't a good look on anyone, but now comes a new dramatic twist to the neverending tale ... Kim has finally agreed to an annulment! But the details still hang in the air: Which partner is going to 'fess up to fraud?

See, the marriage can't be annulled until Kim admits the union was a made-for-TV sham or Kris confesses that he never had any intentions of moving to L.A. Hrrmm ... When you really step back and take a look at the cases for both, it's clear that Kris may have both proof and logic on his side. 


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I mean, come on, if you watched Kourtney & Kim Take New York, you could plainly see that Kris was trying to please Kim -- he was flying to L.A., NYC, the whole shebang, etc. But he was also keen on spending some time in Minnesota, working on his game. Definitely admirable. But honestly, Kim acted like it was pulling teeth to go there for him. Along the way, it wasn't hard to suspect she may have also been milking the drama between them for the cameras.

So, let's just hypothetically say that Kim does have to take the fall in order to get the annulment over and done with. That would be a major boon for Kris's career, right? It could help clear up any misconceptions about whether or not he's a complete tool! Something that I'm sure hasn't exactly been helping his reptuation on and off the court. If he extract this reality TV poison from his life, he can get back to basics -- basketball and perhaps some new branding opportunities. Hey, why not? If Kim can maintain her various fashion and TV enterprises, he should get a fair shake, too. Maybe the result of the annulment can make that an, ahem, reality for Kris once and for all.

Do you think this annulment could work out in Kris Humphries' favor?


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