New 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Teaser With Vampire Bella Will Stop Your Heart (VIDEO)

Bella and Edward's handsThe premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 may be many months off, but that hasn't stopped Summit Entertainment from doing what they do best and constantly whetting our appetites. A new teaser trailer has made its way onto the web, and there's really no doubt in my mind that the short but thrilling clip will rock Twi-Hards' worlds.

It's pretty awesome how somehow, in a matter of seconds, the teaser manages to get at the heart of everything fans love about the epic series and most of what we're looking forward to seeing come November. Namely, the brand-new undead chemistry between Bella and Edward and oooh ... the first time Jacob encounters Vampire Bella! OMG!

Check it out ...


Thrilling, right? Although, honestly, I had to snicker when I heard Jacob's reaction to Bella and checked out a still of that look on his face. What a brat, huh, with that back-handed compliment, "I didn't expect you to to seem so ... you"? (Sorry, Team Jacob!) And whoa whoa whoa ... Edward's remark that they're the same temperature! Who knew an epiphany like that could be so damn SEXY?! 'Course at this point, RPattz could pull off that "I may be a bloodsucking vampire, but I'm also incredibly freaking romantic" shtick blindfolded. Clearly, we've got some off-the-charts chemistry between the undead newlyweds to look forward to.

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While the teaser isn't giving us a full-on look at Bella as a vamp, I feel like that makes it even better. Leaves more to the imagination, you know? Obviously, we've seen what she's going to look like (completely gorgeous -- and actually hotter than when she was human!), but we have yet to see her in action. Judging from this teaser, it'll be well worth the wait.

Does this teaser get your heart racing?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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