Kourtney Kardashian Does the Unthinkable While Pregnant (VIDEO)

Kourtney KardashianWhile there's plenty of debate about the subject, the general consensus is that if you want to be ultra safe, you'll abstain from getting your hair highlighted or colored while you're pregnant. Most experts say there's little, if any risk, but, of course, you never know, so many women forgo the salon for the nine months they're knocked up, "just in case." So it's more than a little surprising that Kourtney Kardashian of all people is sporting some bright new locks. 

They look lovely, and it's a nice light change for spring. But it's a pretty drastic change -- from deep ebony to light brown with highlights. This is no result of a little too much time in the sun -- there are definitely some chemicals (gasp!) at work here in those perfectly placed highlights. I'm just wondering why she did it now, while she's pregnant, instead of waiting a few months until after she delivered.


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I'm not judging; I highlighted my hair during both of my pregnancies. I waited until after the first trimester, but I wouldn't have done it if I didn't "have" to (i.e. walk around with a black stripe down the center of my head). As far as I know, neither of my children suffered from this decision, but it did cause me a lot of stress at the time as I worried about the effects and gave my stylist fits as I cautioned him to keep the chemicals as much off my scalp as possible and begged him to rinse me early as I imagined everything seeping into my fetus. I wouldn't have done it just to change things up or for fun.

So it's surprising that Kourt, of all people, would take any unnecessary risks. She's the health food junkie, always trying to get everyone to eat natural foods and making her own organic baby food. I would think she would go the au naturel route when it comes to her hair, and I'm sure more than a few will question if she put vanity before her baby's safety.

Perhaps she did it naturally with lemon juice or some other product that's free of the scarier stuff. Or maybe, she did her research, weighed the pros and the cons, and decided to go for it. Any way you look at it, however, it's her hair, her baby, and she looks great. 

Do you highlight or otherwise color your hair while pregnant? What do you think of Kourtney's new look? 



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