'DWTS' Premiere Recap: Donald Driver & 8 Other Sexy Surprises

Season 14 of Dancing With the Stars may not have the biggest celebrities in the history of the show, but it feeds a certain nostalgia. And the opening night did not disappoint with Jaleel White and Melissa Gilbert taking center stage, bringing back so many memories for us 80's kids.

But it wasn't all old stuff. There were surprises, too. Who knew Donald Driver and Roshon Fegan would be my early favorites? And there were some cute touches. Who could NOT watch the adorable Sherri Shepherd and Melissa Gilbert has a tattoo?!  What would Pa think?

But even with the new, there was a lot of the classic stuff that makes DWTS fun. Who could resist a night of double entendre and sexual innuendo (who can help it when William Levy is around after all?) Here are 8:

  • Derek Hough (to Maria Menounos): "We can wrestle": Raised eyebrows, little wiggle. Way to set the stage, Derek!
  • Bruno Tonioli (to Maria Menounos): "Maria, Maria, what have we got here...  You've got to open up the sex pot":  It wouldn't be a show if Bruno did not sexually harass someone! Here we are in Season 14!
  • Carrie Ann Inaba (to Jack Wagner): "You just took me to a happy place. It takes a manly man to get out there in a turquoise jacket and do synchronized kicking..." Indeed. She's right. Wagner is manly. As long as "manly" includes botox. A lot of it.
  • Gavin DeGraw: "I sometimes stiffen up at the wrong times, too" : Way to take it there Gavin Degraw! And Tom Bergeron was not helping things when he said, "Carrie Ann is back in her happy place again..." And on that note...

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  • Gavin DeGraw: "I'm in the middle of a pretty sandwich right now": Standing between Karina (his partner) and Brooke Burke Charvet, DeGraw was pretty happy, indeed.
  • Tom Bergeron (to Sherri Shepherd): "Keep the girls in there!" I don't think Tom was talking about Sherri's daughters...
  • Bruno Tonioli (to William Levy): "Ladies and gentleman, Dancing With the Stars presents the hottest package of the season!" Package?!  Get it? Huh? Huh? In all seriousness, HELLO hottie. Whew. I think I burned my retinas just watching him. The man is spectacular.
  • Carrie Ann Inaba (to William Levy): "First of all, I'd like to thank ABC for my job." Yeah. Who could blame her? I wish I got paid to see his perfect buns in person, too.

I have to say, for all my worry about not knowing the cast that well, I smiled more during this premiere than any other in history. Gladys Knight was fantastic and who can resist the smoke and steam rising off William Levy? Plus Jaleel White?!  Where was he hiding those moves all those years on Family Matters? He was the best surprise of the night.

It was a good night and probably an awesome season ahead.

Did you like the premiere?


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