Robert Pattinson vs. 'Hunger Games' Hunks: Let the Heartthrob Games Begin!

liam hemsworth josh hutcherson robert pattinsonLiam Hemsworth & Josh Hutcherson vs. Robert Pattinson!It's time to let the games begin! And by that, I mean the showdown between The Hunger Games and its so-called box office nemesis, Twilight. It's no surprise battle lines have already been drawn on one major front: The heartthrob war! HG hotties Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson versus the Twilight babes. After all, Robert Pattinson is pretty much the reigning hottie icon right now, and Taylor Lautner's abs sure as heck have their own following, too. So, it's natural for us to wonder if the HG guys are going to somehow meet or beat the Twilight hunks' standard.

Reporters have taken it to another level, though, when they actually confronted Hemsworth, asking him if he thinks he's the next RPattz. He stumbled all over himself initially, responding, "Oh, I don’t know. He’s uh ... I don’t know. I have no idea!" Then later, he remarked, "It is scary." Uh ...


Wow, well, I guess we know who is going to be the Lautner-esque "pretty but dumb" one here. Hutcherson, thankfully, came to the rescue, delivering a witty response when Access Hollywood posed the Q, "Who's hotter: The Hunger Games or Twilight guys?" He replied

You can’t ask me this — I’m in The Hunger Games! You have to ask somebody that’s unbiased cause I’ll choose the Twilight guys every time!

Awww, how nice and modest -- just like Peeta! Way to stay true to your character for lovability, Joshy!

But really, truly, let's back it up here for a sec. There's absolutely no reason we have to pit these stars against one another. I get where the comparison is coming from, but at the same time, I feel like there's something to love about all of 'em. And no matter how much the media wants to lump all YA books-to-film into the same category, the characters in both series are very different, and in turn, so is their appeal. Some women are going to go ga-ga for the undead (Edward) or a wolfman (Jacob), while others prefer a seasoned hunter (Gale) or the bakers' son (Peeta), you know? The bottom-line is, of course, that there's room for all four movie hunks -- or more! Why not? Bring 'em on, and may the odds be ever in all of their favor.

Who's hotter to you: The Hunger Games or Twilight guys? Or both?

Images via Sheri Reed; Sheri Reed; Summit Entertainment

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