Kate Middleton Speaks & Her Voice Is Like a Thousand Angels Singing (VIDEO)

kate middletonFor those of you who thought she was a voiceless robot designed by the Shiny Hair Allegiance of England -- ha-ha! Joke's on you! Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, speaks! And it's everything you'd hope for and more.

Today, at a children's hospice in southeast England called The Treehouse, Duchess Catherine gave her first public speech since becoming a royal. I'm not joking when I say that her voice is even more buttery and mesmerizing than you remember it from the royal wedding. And her obvious nervousness (playing with her hair, looking down, etc.) is actually quite adorable. It humanizes m'lady.

Now go on. Treat yourself to the vocal stylings of HRH Duchess Catherine. Your ears will thank you.


Yeah, she looks down at lot, and pauses a bit too long in between sentences, but whatever, who cares? This is her first official speech -- it would be kind of weird if the whole thing totally went off without a hitch. And supposedly she wrote the speech herself -- bold.

I hope that this speech is the beginning of many public talkings for Kate. In addition to being blessed with good looks, a loving family with lots of money, legs for days, and a prince for a husband, she also has a pleasant, soothing voice. And she should share it with the world. Because we don't have enough to envy her for already.

Do you find Kate Middleton's voice more soothing than Morgan Freeman's?


Image via itnnews/Flickr

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