Bravo Bribed Tamra Barney to Get Married & Gretchen’s Spilling All the Details

slade smiley gretchen rossiWarning: after this little piece of gossip, you might actually think that Slade Smiley has a decent bone in his body after all. Rumor has it that Real Housewives of Orange Country star Gretchen Rossi is calling Tamra Barney's engagement to Eddie Judge a total sham, and for good reason. Apparently, Bravo approached Slade and begged him to propose to Gretchen, promising an all expenses paid exotic vacation on which to do so and a free ring. How enticing!

Sounds like Bravo thinks their Real Housewives franchise is akin to a Shakespearean comedy since they want to end every series with a wedding, but they need to get over themselves in a hurry since viewers aren't buying it anymore. After Pandora's Barbie-themed wedding on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I think we've had enough "I do"s for one year.


And it sounds like Gretchen and Slade agree with me. They're not willing to sell their soul to get married on a reality show. Tamra and Eddie, however, are totally ready to make this deal with the devils at Bravo.

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Bravo's the puppet master behind almost everything that airs on their shows and that nothing is really real, or unplanned, anymore, so it makes sense that producers are vying for a wedding at the end of the season and will do everything to get their way. And I totally believe that Gretchen and Slade are smart enough to turn it down, while Tamra and Eddie are eager enough to snatch it up.

Never thought I'd say this, but Slade's showing off his smart side, and I like it.

Also, it's borderline amusing that Gretchen would call Tamra's engagement a sham ... because if anyone knows about sham weddings, it's probably Gretchen. I don't want to say that she was only with her fatally-ill husband Jeff for money, but it definitely came across like that. It's possible Gretchen is an authority on the subject, so her word might be better than anyone else's.

Can't wait to see what vacation spot Bravo Slade Eddie picked out and what ring Bravo Slade Eddie went with. Ah, the intimacy of weddings.

Do you believe the rumor that Gretchen and Slade turned down Bravo's bribe to get married on the show, and that Tamra and Eddie capitalized?


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