Grubby 'Walking Dead' Actors Look Bloody Hot All Cleaned Up (PHOTOS)

The Walking Dead

Now that the season finale of The Walking Dead is dead and buried (season 3 resurrects in October), one would expect all of the actors we've come to know and love might get to take a shower once in a while and even comb their hair (looking at you, Lori <).

As much as we appreciate the authenticity of Rick, Lori, Andrea, Glenn, and Shane wearing clothing they found in abandoned cars and doused in zombie guts half the time, they are a bunch of pretty good-looking actors who no doubt clean up pretty well.

Are you just a little curious what they look like when they are not pitchforking corpses in the head? Take a look at our slideshow and marvel at the transformations, along with some little factoids you may not know about them ...


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