'Mad Men' 17-Month Absence Only Made Fans' Hearts Grow Fonder (VIDEO)

joan peggy in elevator mad menFor a while there, we didn't think it was going to happen. We grimaced at the idea that it might have happened without creator Matthew Weiner. We worried that we were going to be left hanging with the idea that the series concludes with Don Draper marrying his boring secretary. (Is anyone actually on Team Megan?) But now, we're breathing a major sigh of relief, because it's T minus LESS THAN A WEEK until Mad Men season five returns to AMC! And suddenly, 17 months feels like the blink of an eye. 

Okay, maybe not quite, but still ... I don't understand why everyone, from bloggers to Weiner and Jon Hamm, are acting like the show's been gone too long for people to care. As if viewers -- even loyal (and cough more intelligent than the average reality show watcher) MM fans! -- have the attention spans of fleas, and now they've gotta work extra hard to woo us back into watching. Puhleeeease.

Did people somehow stop caring when years lapsed between Harry Potter books or films?


Hells no. Real fans hold out. We're more psyched to see Don, Peggy, Joan, and the SDCP crew because so much time has passed. Not LESS! We're even more pumped to bust out the mod dresses, skinny ties, and martini glasses this time around!

Besides, the viewers who have lost interest aren't the viewers AMC should care about anyway. It may sound silly, because this is generally something applied to, uh, fitness or your career, but I do believe it's also applicable here: If you care enough about a show, you do the work. As in, you catch up on the DVDs, stream the episodes on Netflix (or snoop around for episodes online, like I had to before they were on Netflix). If you don't remember who Megan or Faye is, you look them up on the Mad Men Wiki. It's really not that hard, and again -- 17 months is not even that long.

Here's the latest trailer for the show that plays on this silly "Oh no, were we gone too long?" worry, set to the 1957 tune "Did You Miss Me?" ...


Do you think Mad Men has been off the air too long for people to care, or did the 17-month hiatus just make fans' hearts grow fonder?


Image via AMC

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