5 Reasons Not to Dress Like Kate Middleton (VIDEO)

kate middletonSurprise, surprise. Those coral J Brand skinny jeans Kate Middleton wore last week to pal around with the British Olympic women's field hockey team? They're selling like hot cakes. In fact, coral jeans in general are selling like hot cakes. The Daily Express is reporting that sales of colored denim jeans at the British clothing store, Asda, recently rose an impressive 88 percent. And brand director for Asda, Fiona Lambert, predicts that, thanks to Kate, the trend is hear to stay, saying: "Wearing bright colours lifts us all and now we have the royal seal of approval for coloured denim from Kate Middleton, we know this is going to be the hot trend this summer."

You guys. Seriously. I know Kate looks amazing in everything she wears, but we really need to stop rushing out and buying everything she owns. It's getting ridiculous. Here are five reasons not to dress like Kate Middleton.


She's royalty, we're not. Yeah, a lot of the things Duchess Cathrine wears are, well, wearable, but still. She's a princess, we're not. The events and parties she's going to are, most likely, much different from the things we're doing. (If they're not, can we be friends?) Most of us would look ridiculous wearing that gorgeous Reiss dress to have dinner with friends. And copying her wedding dress? Don't even get me started.

Everyone is dressing like Kate Middleton. Hence the surge in sales in ... everything she puts on. Do you really want to look like you're part of some kooky duchess-obsessed cult? (Even if said cult is super stylish.)

It's not cool to totally emulate someone else's style. Getting ideas from people is one thing, but totally taking on their entire style persona is another one. Style is personal for a reason. You don't think Kate copies anyone, do you?

Kate's body is rarer than hen's teeth. I'm sure there are some of you out there who are as enviously tall and lithe as the duchess. And I'm jealous. But the majority of us are not, so what looks good on her won't necessarily look good on us.

You don't need Kate Middleton. You already have great style! It's just, nobody's photographing you and telling you this 24/7! But I am now, so there.

Check out a video on Kate and her fabulous coral jeans:

Has Kate Middleton influenced the way you dress at all? Have any celebs?


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