Lindsay Lohan Locks Herself in Her House for Her Own Good

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan's back under house arrest, y'all, only this time it's different. The 25-year-old star who most recently bombed on Saturday Night Live then allegedly hit a club owner with her Porsche has decided that enough is enough and is locking herself behind closed doors for the next 10 days or so. Her probation is up on March 29, so it appears that LiLo is being proactive here and avoiding any and all trouble until she can get her name cleared from the court in about two weeks time.

TMZ reports that Lindsay has said she's only going to leave her L.A. home for necessities like court appearances and community service, but nothing else. No parties, no friendly lunches, no trips to the Medi-spa, no visits to the BriteWhite kiosk at the mall. Does this mean, um, that Lindsay is turning her life around?


Or is she becoming some sort of recluse like Eminem. Whatever the case, Lindsay has a knack for keeping us guessing and I'm sure whatever she does do will be just as important as what she doesn't do.

Her rep says that the supposed hit and run never happened. That yeah, Linds was just trying to escape the intensity of the paparazzi, but she never hit anyone, let alone injured them. If that's the truth, I can understand why Lindsay wants to just stay inside for the next week or so -- it seems like no matter what she does, like innocently driving away from a parking lot, trouble follows. And if she wants a good report from the judge, she better keep herself out of harm's way. Shutting herself inside her house is definitely a surefire way to avoid the drama that surrounds her like Pigpen's dust cloud.

But when her self-imposed house arrest is over, Lindsay's going to have to face the world again. And when she does so, let's hope she does it with a chauffeur. Honestly, hiring a driver would seem to solve a lot of her problems. And if that driver happened to also do hair and makeup, well then, wow. Lindsay's life could literally and figuratively do an about-face.

What do you think of Lindsay's "house arrest"?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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