New 'Evidence' Ashley Judd Had Plastic Surgery Is Most Ridiculous Yet

Ashley JuddAnd it continues. A British tabloid just poured fuel on the fire of rumors Missing actress Ashley Judd has had plastic surgery on her face. Their evidence? She wasn't "expressive" enough for their liking while taking in an NCAA basketball game.

Seriously? She didn't smile widely enough? That's proof that Judd's cheeks have been artificially enhanced? Uh huh. Well then ... I think it's now safe to call this whole business over Ashley Judd's "puffy" face exactly with it is.


Picking on Judd's "puffy" face is about jealousy. People are jealous because even with a puffy face, she looks damn good. People are jealous because Ashley Judd has defied the need to be so thin you'll disappear if you turn sideways and grabbed choice roles -- and an adorable famous hubby -- anyway.

That's how you end up with ridiculous stuff like this, out of the Daily Mail:

There was one thing that will immediately grab the attention of fans of the veteran Heat actress - her suspiciously inexpressive face. For while she continued to cheer, smile and yell, she simply did not look like the famous face her fans have grown to know and love.

They based her "not-so-wide" smile and snarked at the "strain" on her face as she encouraged her team. Odd, isn't it, that they weren't picking on the OTHER fans who looked "strained" as their team struggled ...

At least they got the love part right. Ashley Judd's the kind of actress we have loved all the more for not fitting some prescribed Hollywood role. She's graduated from Harvard. She's made us love her more for her stumbles, be it her candor about her abusive childhood or her decision to enter a treatment program for her depression. That doesn't happen often in the eat you up and spit you out tabloid world we live in.

Usually admissions like Judd's would have given the masses a reason to sharpen our claws and dig in, ripping her to shreds, but Ashley generally, miraculously, manages to skirt that dark side in the American public and come out on top. At 43, the famous daughter of a famous mother still has the kind of girl next door charm we tend to attribute with younger women, so-called fresh-faced starlets who have a sweetness and a kindness that makes us want to reach out and give them a hug and pledge eternal friendship. She may be a staunch political activist, but Ashley is still the kind of woman you want to protect.

Really, with all that good juju surrounding her, is it any wonder people have pounced on this shred of "evidence" and run with it to get the rumors swirling? In a world where people don't feel good until they've made someone else feel bad, saying that Ashley Judd has a puffy face, and alluding to plastic surgery, is a way to bring her back down to their level.

Frankly, I don't care if Ashley Judd had plastic surgery, if she's telling the truth about puffiness from steroids used to treat a sinus infection, or if she's simply put on a little weight. I don't care how she chooses to cheer for her favorite team. I just want folks to step back and look at her pictures and those "puffy" cheeks and be honest with themselves: doesn't Ashley Judd look happy and healthy right now? Is there really anything else that matters?

Why do you think people have been so focused on the size of Ashley Judd's cheeks?


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