Kourtney Kardashian Should Appreciate Kris Jenner's Meddling THIS Time

Kourtney KardashianWhile Kris Jenner may be on the most overbearing, interfering mothers imaginable, her recent meddling in the life of her oldest daughter, Kourtney Kardashian, is actually quite cute for once. Since learning that Kourtney and Scott Disick are expecting a girl, it seems Jenner has gone mad getting ready for her arrival.

She told People she's become a certifiable shopaholic when it comes to buying things for her first granddaughter, who's due in July. "I can't stop shopping," she told People this weekend in Las Vegas, where she partied it up 'til all hours celebrating Rob Kardashian's birthday. Apparently all this shopping isn't sitting well with Kourtney who is reportedly pissed about her mom's purchases, however.


"Kourtney is now angry with me because I keep bringing stuff home," Jenner told the magazine. 

Oh, loosen up Kourt. This is one instance in which Jenner's overbearing ways are adorable. When she tried to interfere in Kourtney's relationship with Scott -- whether by driving them apart or pushing them to marry -- that was out of line.  But every grandma-to-be gets wrapped up in the arrival of new grand babies, and she should be grateful that she wants to be involved in her life. Also, who can blame her when it comes to little girl clothes? They are simply irresistible. 

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Even if they're not her taste, Kourtney should say thank you, then donate them or return them. But any and all baby gifts should be met with nothing other than an enthusiastic thank you. 

Maybe Kourtney is just grumpy because her relationship with baby daddy Disick is on the rocks? Reports have surfaced this week that he's pretty much abandoned her and even moved into his own apartment, leaving her fearful of raising two kids on her own. Fortunately, those rumors seem to be nothing but false. I may not be Disick's biggest fan, but I'd hate to see him jump ship at this point, and I really can't imagine him doing that these days.

Jenner confirmed that that Scott is no deadbeat dad. She told reporters, "Scott’s amazing! He’s like the best dad in the world. The best!” So hopefully Kourtney can stop complaining, count her blessings, and instead be happy to have a problem that plenty of people would like to have.

Do you find Kris Jenner's excitement for her newest grandchild's arrival adorable or annoying? Do believe rumors that Kourtney and Scott are splitting?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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