Bobbi Kristina's Engagement to Her 'Brother' Is All Sorts of Wrong

Bobbi KristinaAccording to reports, Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, may be engaged to, Nick Gordon, a man she calls her brother. While they've been spotted in some pretty extreme PDA recently, sources told People he asked her about a week ago to marry him, and she's now wearing Whitney's ring -- some major bling -- on her left hand.

As very "Flowers in the Attic" as that sounds, it's not quite that bad if it's true. Gordon, 22, isn't her blood brother in any way, though he and Bobbi Kristina were raised as siblings after Whitney took him in more than a decade ago to save him from his own family problems. He wasn't even officially adopted by Whitney. Still, cringe-worthiness aside, this engagement would be so very wrong

For starters, she shouldn't be getting engaged to anyone. She's 19, and I would argue that there are few 19-year-olds mature enough to embark on marriage. Certainly someone who just went through on the most heartbreaking tragedies imaginable -- losing your mother -- is in no state of mind to make such a big decision.

Since her mother's death, Bobbi Kristina's behavior has been extreme and erratic. From her breakdown to reports of her doing extreme amounts of cocaine, she's clearly troubled. Now isn't the time for her to be making big, life-changing decisions like changing her name, and it's especially not the time for her to be getting married

I understand how it might sound romantic and how she may see marriage as an escape from all she's been through. It makes sense that she would cling to Gordon as he's seemingly one of the only steady presences she's had in her life. I'm glad they have each other, but given her history and what appears to be her recent downward spiral, he may not be the best influence on her. Regardless, what Bobbi Kristina needs now is healing, time to grieve, and help to battle her demons. Marriage for her can and should wait, but those things cannot or she risks following in her mother's tragic footsteps.

What do you think about Bobbi Kristina allegedly getting engaged to her "brother"?

Image via Pacific Coast News
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