George Clooney Bail Hearing Makes Us Wonder: Who Can't This Guy Charm? (VIDEO)

George ClooneyAs per usual, everything in life has worked out just fan-dang-tastically for George Clooney. The Ides of March star got his cause splashed all over the headlines when he was arrested during a protest outside the Sudanese government's embassy in Washington, D.C. yesterday. And thanks to a slam, bam, thank you ma'am bail hearing, he didn't even have to spend much time in the slammer slumming it.

Clooney was already out on bail by yesterday afternoon after paying -- wait for it -- just $100! Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it ... is it because he was a good boy who went peacefully? Or is there really no one in this world George Clooney can't charm?


Hold your horses, I'm not claiming judicial misconduct here folks. Police did their jobs. Court officers did their jobs. But, ahem. This is George "everyone and their brother had that Caesar cut in the '90s thinking it would get the girls" Clooney. George "we can actually forgive you for Batman and Robin" Clooney! We're actually liking him more today because he stood up for what he believed in, and got led off in silver bracelets.

And the actor got off easy, all things considered. If you're the protesting sort, you know you need to set aside some clams on the off-chance that you have to call a buddy to bail you out of jail. Judges have been known to go much harder on protesters, particularly when they aren't celebrities.

The $100 bail figure is peanuts when you compare it to the kind of money other people doing the same thing would have to put up for standing up for what they believe in. The kids who occupied Los Angeles last fall don't have pads in Lake Como, and they had to put up $5,000 apiece -- for essentially doing the same thing, peacefully ignoring requests from police not to be in a certain area!

There's no evidence the star was trying to play off his star power here. He knew exactly what he was getting into when he accompanied his dad, Nick, Virginia Rep. Jim Moran, and others to the capital. And he sure as heck knew he could be arrested when he ignored police warnings not to cross a certain line. Clooney wanted to draw attention to Sudan's blockade of supplies and humanitarian aide. Getting arrested was good for him, and he didn't really seem to care what it would cost.

The judge could have gone higher, but I will say $100 was pretty safe when you consider Clooney's commitment to this cause ... and the fact that you're going to jump bail, you generally need to have a face that isn't instantly recognizable to the whole world. But if a certain judge was also feeling a little woozy when Clooney walked into the courtroom, well, come on, could you blame them? At the very least, we now know there is someone who actually looks sexier for having been arrested!

Check out George's arrest, and be honest: what would you have set for bail if you were the judge in this case?

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