Khloe Kardashian on 'Cheaters' Would Be Reality TV Gold

khloe kardashianI know that the last thing anyone wants is more Kardashians on TV, but this might be an idea we can get behind. When Joey Greco, the host of the Tru TV show Cheaters was a guest on Khloe Kardashian's radio show, sparks flew. Notes were taken. Ideas were born. Khloe said she'd love to be a part of Cheaters, the show that catches people being unfaithful to their partners, and Joey was understandably, all for it.

The two got to talking and it was decided that Khloe would work the boom mic as the Cheaters crew chased down the adulterers -- she'd also wear a Khloe Kam so that her perspective of the situation could air, as well.

If there's anyone more upfront, in your face, and confrontational than Khloe, I don't want to meet them. She's going to be perfect for this role.


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And if I'm being honest, I might be inclined to tune into this trashy TV show just to see Khloe get in some guy's grill about how he's an unfaithful bastard. If she was ballsy enough to confront Kris Humphries on the wedding special about how he's just trying to "come up" off of Kim, then yeah, I don't think she'll have a problem ripping a stranger a new one.

Yes, I know we're over the Kardashians and them being over-exposed, but I'm a little bit curious about this venture. This could work. It could combine two of the least classy things on television -- the Kardashians and Cheaters -- into one giant shit storm of vulgarity. And if there's anything I'll throw my loyalty behind, it's a shit storm of vulgarity.

Only a matter of time, manager fees, and scheduling before Khloe's out there chasing down the bad boys. It has my stamp of approval.

Do you think Khloe would be good on Cheaters?


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