Jon Hamm's 'Stupid' Kim Kardashian Comment Is All Our Fault

Jon HammWith Mad Men season five starting up soon and everyone wanting a piece of the Kardashian action these days, anyone else thinking that Jon Hamm's "feud" with Kim Kardashian has interesting timing? Then again, I'm always the conspiracy theorist. Anyway, the war of words is raging on. First, Hamm cited Kim in an Elle UK interview as an example of how "stupidity is celebrated," then Kim responded, calling his remark "careless," and now, Hamm is clarifying his original quote.

To E! News, he said, "It's surprising to me that it has become remotely a story. I don't know Ms. Kardashian, I know her public persona." Then later, he told Access Hollywood: "I would never say anything personal about anyone that I have not met."

Kim and her following may not be feelin' his not-really-an-apology, but I am.


Hamm wasn't making a personal attack on Paris and Kim. What I think he was trying to get at is that we've dealing with a really pervasive, poisonous dumbing down of our culture right now. People are consumed with reality TV shows, inane Hollywood gossip, meaningless, empty-headed entertainment that is, well, really stupid. Following Paris Hilton's tweets or watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians isn't doing anything for any of us, and yet, many of us persist in consuming this mind-numbing crap.

That said, Hamm went wrong by mentioning Kim and Paris as examples of this kind of stupidity we reward. They're not directly to blame. You know who is? We, the viewers. Sure, Kardashians and Hiltons are part of the machine churning out stupid, superficial, throwaway entertainment. But they're only doing so because there's a market for it! It's not their fault that the masses are buying into it. They wouldn't have million-dollar contracts for shows with E! or perfumes or, ugh, books (God save us) if people weren't viewing/buying those products.

So, there you have it. Hamm needs to watch his mouth a bit going forward, Kim might want to dial down her exposure for the good of society, and we should all stop buying into stupid reality TV. Now let's call the whole thing off!

Do you get what Jon Hamm was trying to say?


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