Gillian Anderson Should Have Dropped the ‘Sometimes Lesbian’ Bomb Years Ago

gillian anderson Gillian Anderson, what took you so long? The former Dana Scully has never shied away from talking about her "wild" youth -- punk rock, drugs, purple hair, etc. -- but only recently did she finally tell Out magazine about her past lesbian relationships. Now, I'm totally not saying that it was her responsibility to share that with the press or her fans or whatever, but ... purely from a marketing perspective, what a missed opportunity! Anderson's had a huge lesbian fan base for years -- and they didn't even know! 

Damn. She would've owned that demographic. Not to mention all the gajillions of men out there who were heavily crushing on her during The X-Files ...


I'm talking about the super fan-types who went to X-Files conventions, here. Can you imagine? There probably would've been entire seminars devoted to The Perfect Imaginary Threesome with Gillian Anderson: "Okay, dude, it would be me, Scully, and Seven of Nine." "No way! ME, Scully, and Lara Croft."

You can totally picture it, can't you?

Actually ... maybe that explains why Anderson didn't divulge the details of her history of sexual experimentation. Sure, she might've sold a few million more posters, but who wants to have a bunch of gross dudes at a convention fantasizing about an imaginary threesome with you and a video game character?

Oh, man! I just thought of something else! Imagine if we knew about the sometimes-lesbian past thing AND David Duchovny's whole sex addiction thing when X-Files mania was at its peak?

I smell a behind-the-scenes tell-all in the works ...

Were you surprised to hear about Gillian Anderson's 'sometimes lesbian' past?


Image via Keven Law/Flickr

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