Banana Republic Dresses Inspired by Kate & Pippa Middleton? Yes, Please! (VIDEO)

kate middletonOMG. It's finally happened. Wait for it -- Banana Republic has come out with dresses that seem to be inspired by frocks worn by Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa. It's ok to squeal a little bit -- I did too. The fact that we can get a similar look right here in the U.S. without busting our budget makes all of us who are obsessed with all things royal want to do a happy dance and then high-tail it straight to the nearest mall to try and nab a piece of their amazing style.

Remember this gorgeous camel colored dress that Kate wore when she met the Obamas on her trip to the U.S.? Well, Banana Republic doesn't have an exact replica, but their beige hued cap-sleeve dress definitely resembles her look well enough. Unfortunately, they are out of most sizes already online; otherwise, I'd be placing an order instead of writing this post.


Even if your size isn't available online, you may still be able to snag one in stores if you hurry. And at only $130, you'll be getting a great deal if you manage to nab one. Most people would pay way more than that to look like Kate Middleton. (Or at least I would.)

And as for stealing the understated, yet sexy vibe that Pippa Middleton gave off with the stunning Alexander McQueen dress she wore for the Royal Wedding, Banana Republic offers a shorter version of the same look, but with a little more "oomph." Their Monogram silk cowl-neck dress comes in a bright shade of blue and a hot pink -- and there are still plenty of sizes to choose from. The frock retails for $175, so it's a bit pricier (and spicier) than the Kate-inspired look.

Judging from the inventory left of the two styles, I'd say that Kate's look is definitely more in demand. And it's easy to understand why after watching the video clip below. Who wouldn't want to re-create her amazing fashion win?


Which one of Kate's dresses would you most like to see a replica of?


Image via Splash

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