The Real Reason Taylor Swift Is Billboard's Top-Earning Artist

taylor swiftFor a while there, I was starting to think pop music would never recover from the watered-down, mediocre tracks constantly being thrown on Top 40 radio. Then Lady Gaga emerged ... and Adele. And I was hopeful, really hopeful that things were finally turning around! But now, "sweet little" Taylor Swift has come around and wrecked my dream. Apparently, according to Billboard, the 22-year-old "country pop princess" is the top-earning music act on its "Money Makers" list, because she's outgrossed the likes of Gaga, U2, Adele, and Kenny Chesney. Terrifying to say the least.

Obviously, lots o' little sheep music lovers are buying her oh-so-innocent act. But here's the thing ... She's fooling you all!


First of all, you don't just get to be a Money Maker like Swift is without having a calculated money-making strategy or at least working with people who do. I'll bet that behind-the-scenes, Taylor's actually a vicious business woman! Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that she's selling an image that's 180 degrees from "independent and strong woman, hear me roar."

Just look at exhibit A. Her "perpetually surprised" shtick. Oh, give us a break, Taylor! You're not actually that surprised that you won an award for the 10,00th time! It's like she went through publicity training and all that stuck was, "Look really SHOCKED every single time you win anything. That way, people will think you're really grateful for your fame, and they'll love you even more." Uh-huh, calculated, you see?

And exhibit B. There's speculation she has ripped off other talent's work and taken credit. "You Belong to Me"? Pffft. Try "This Song Does Not Belong to Me"!! Sounds just like another track from 2006 by Saving Jane called "Girl Next Door" -- video is almost identical, too. So lame. But at least the "perpetual teen" knows how to work it to make a buck. I guess she can get a pat on the back for that.

Do you buy into the Taylor Swift money making machine? 


Image via Ronald Woan/Flickr

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