Kim Kardashian Headlines That Made Us Go Krazy This Year

Kim KardashianAt first glance, you wouldn't think Kim Kardashian and The Stir have that much in common. One jet sets around the globe looking fabulous. The other is made up of women (and one man -- say hello to John Biggs!) sitting in front of laptops being fabulous. One was married for 72 days. The other has been around for 731 days (woohooo, today's our second birthday!). One has a raunchy sex tape. The other ... let's not go there, huh?

But we have one major thing in common y'all! Just like everyone's favorite second-oldest Kardashian, we here at The Stir know how to get people talking! And in honor of one of our favorite newsmakers, we have pulled together some of the kraziest headlines that Kim K. inspired this past year. Consider it our birthday gift to you (well, along with some awesome giveaways -- go enter)!


Confirmed: Kim Kardashian Is Totally Carrying a Child! (PHOTO)

What, you thought we meant that she was pregnant? Aww, we love a celebrity bump watch as much as you do ... obviously!

Kim Kardashian Is Going Bald, Maybe

What? A flaw in that bodacious bod? Oh well ... as long as it's not the ass.

Kim Kardashian's New TV Show Requires Acting -- Just Like Her Reality Show

What could be better than Kim K. and Lifetime? Maybe add a pint of Chubby Hubby, and you have yourself a date girlfriend.

Don't Hate Kim Kardashian for Googling Herself -- You Would Too!

Oh don't lie, you know you do!

Kris Humphries May Never Forgive Kim Kardashian for This

Aww, poor Krissy poo has a loooot more things to deal with since we spilled on his honeymoon complaints, hasn't he?

Carmageddon Is Here: Can Kim Kardashian Save Us?

What did you do when you heard that Los Angeles traffic would be grinding to a halt because the famous 405 would be shut down? Because we went straight to Kim Kardashian's Twitter for advice. What, you didn't?

Kim Kardashian Could Teach Us a Few Things About Marriage

If hindsight is 20/20, what's the vision back prior to the 72-day marriage? Eh, we'd rather not think about it. Let's just laugh at all those careful "plans!"

Kim Kardashian Needs to Stay in Hiding

Remember when Kim K. was missing for awhile, and the media wasn't talking about her? Me neither, but it happened, and we have proof!

Bacon Is the Kim Kardashian of the Meat World

And we were not talking about Kevin, here folks. Just pork fat!

Here's Why Kim Kardashian Is Classier Than Snooki (VIDEO)

Like it was even a competition? Sheesh! Although the Snooks is working on that whole motherhood thing, so stay tuned ...

Kim Kardashian Did Not Set OJ Simpson Free

Do we really need a genealogy lesson for you folks? That was her dad, Robert Kardashian, who may or may not have also fathered sister Khloe ... but we're pretty sure is the papa to Kourtney.

Melissa Molinaro Is Kim Kardashian, But Talented (VIDEO)

Melissa, who? Oh right, she's the other woman who dated Reggie Bush. Just not as famous.

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring Is Even Scarier Up Close (PHOTO)

Yowzers. Did you get a look at that thing? It's not too late, we still have the photographic evidence.

Kim Kardashian Wears Ultimate Male Sex Fantasy Outfit

Who, in their right mind, reads that and doesn't want to look? Straight, gay, male, female, you know you wanna know!

Shortest Celebrity Marriages That Make Kim Kardashian's Seem Long

Poor Brittney Spears, Ali Landry, Carmen Electra ... all those ladies thought they'd put the past to rest, and then Kim made us all pay attention again. What did I tell you? That's just what she does! Gets us talking!

So where do you fall on Kim Kardashian? Love her? Hate her? Can't seem to escape her?


Image via Rubenstein/Flickr

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