Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Hunger Games’ Training Will Make You Sweat (VIDEO)

jennifer lawrenceIf you're one of the zillions of Hunger Games fans counting down the last days (hours, minutes, seconds) to opening night, you probably think you've already taken every sneak peek possible. (And of course you've also read every interview, heard every sound bite, imagined every scene in great detail ... we know.)

Well, guess what? This is going to be the best news you've heard all day ... because this here video is packed with all kinds of raw, real behind-the-scenes stuff you definitely haven't seen yet. Seriously!


Not to mention some amazing footage of Jennifer Lawrence in training for the role of Katniss Everdeen. Dang, that girl worked hard! The best part is watching director Gary Ross watch Lawrence in a training session ... the look on his face says it all: Whoa.

Check it out. (Then you can go back to counting.)

Are you impressed by how hard Jennifer Lawrence trained for The Hunger Games?

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