'Hunger Games' Star Elizabeth Banks Knows the Real Reason We All Want to See It (VIDEO)

Elizabeth BanksIt's hard to say just why The Hunger Games has captured the national zeitgeist. But actress Elizabeth Banks has an idea. The actress plays Effie Trinket, who has the unenviable task of escorting young Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from their homes in District 12 to face possible death in the Capitol. No wonder she was directing her words during the premiere at our own capital: Washington, D.C.!

Chatting on the black carpet (yes, you read that right) in Hollywood with CafeMom Studios and The Stir's Sheri Reed, the 30 Rock Star confessed the air was a little chilly in the City of Angels. And so is the political climate around the world. Check out what Banks had to say about fed up voters around the world and Hunger Games fans:


In case you haven't read the books -- first, get thee to a book store -- she's referring, of course, to the dystopian society created by Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins where an oppressive government forces parents from the various districts (think states) to send two kids every year to a fight to the death. Fortunately things aren't that bad here in America!

But if Banks isn't the first to compare Panem's politics to what's going on in politics around the world right now, she's certainly an interesting person to comment on the relationship. After all, she's the woman who played First Lady Laura Bush in Oliver Stone's W. a few years back, despite being a registered Democrat. She's an actress who knows her stuff! So maybe she's right ... this movie will be the hit of the year because it's taken our anger and put it up on the big screen, and in a place where we can show our kids!

Do you see a relationship between the two? What happens when you bring The Hunger Games up -- do political discussions crop up with your friends?


Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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