'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Sneak Peek Reveals Vampire Bella for the First Time (VIDEO)

kristen stewart as bella in breaking dawn part 2Remember back when Target had a party for the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 DVD, and we told you that they would be screening a special preview of Breaking Dawn—Part 2? Well, I'm not quite sure how in the world it's taken this long, but video of that sneak peek has finally made its way online, and it's pretty uhhh-maaazing!

If you saw BD 1, you know that the flick ends with (SPOILER alert, for those of you who are about five months behind!) Bella awaking, only to reveal beautiful, bright, RED eyes! Needless to say, it was quite the startling, intense moment to end Part 1, and now, we get to see what Bella looks like as a vampire. Whoo!

The full sneak peek clip below ...


One note: Disregard the subpar audio. It's more about what Bella looks like anyway, right?

Wow, huh? She sure gives Gwen Stefani a run for her money with those seriously red lips! And for some reason -- maybe it's the red eyes and red lipstick -- Kristen Stewart really looks a lot sexier as a vampire. Definitely more glamorous and sensual than I expected.

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Also, I was relieved to see Bella's signature gothy/grunge look get traded in for a brighter, sunnier complexion and wardrobe during the first half hour or so of BD 1. But then she got all pregnant-with-vampire-baby grotesque, and that sure as hell wasn't pretty. So thank goodness that in Part 2, we're getting a beautiful, confident, glowing from the inside (in an, of course, very undead way) Bella! 

Looks like we have a lot to look forward to come November! Very exciting.

What do you think about how Bella looks as a vampire? Is it what you expected?


Image via 164funy/YouTube

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