Jon Hamm & Kim Kardashian Squabble & Only One Comes Out Looking Like an Idiot

jon hammGirls, girls, stop this fighting! In an interview with Elle UK, Mad Men star (and my boyfriend) Jon Hamm slammed Kim Kardashian: "Whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f**king idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture." Ouch! Okay, obviously Jon is envious of Kim's ratings. But I also think he's got a point there. People keep asking me what the appeal of the Kardashians is and my response is always: "????"

Jon, WORD. Srsly. Or that's what I thought, until I read Kim K's response in which, wow ... She actually sounds, like, smart or something?


  This afternoon Kim shot back via Twitter:

I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, “stupid,” is in my opinion careless

Burn! Who looks like an idiot, now? (And by the way, Kim, thanks so much for using a serial comma after "designs," but you need to set "in my opinion" off in commas as well, and you missed the period after "careless.") I mean, I suspect someone helped Kim compose that tweet, but I get it: She may play an airhead on TV, but she's no dummy. She's a serious businesswoman who's got the media world in a headlock. She must know something.

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And what a gracious response! So ... what's the word? Oh yeah, thoughtful.

I still think it's sad that dippy reality TV shows are more popular than well-written dramas (ahem, like Mad Men). But I'm also not surprised. And really, Jon, you're smart enough to know you can't shame Americans into changing their TV habits by insulting the Kardashians. Unless this was just some sly way of getting his name into the news cycle in a really big way? Way to ride Kim K's coattails. Harrumph.

Alas for the rest of us, I guess this means we'll never see Kim Kardashian make a cameo on Mad Men. And she'd fill in Christina Hendricks' outfits so well, too.

Did you think Jon Hamm's comment was rude? What about the way Kim responded?

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