Heather Morris' Naked Photos Don't Change How Much We Love the 'Glee' Star

Britney, Heather Morris, 'Glee' naked photosAnother day, another celebrity photo leak. Last week, it was all about Christina Hendricks' tatas. Today's victim? Glee's own Heather Morris. Seems that her phone was hacked and a whole slew of photos have emerged showing the Cheerio in a bunch of compromising positions. There's a few of her in her complete birthday suit, some of her striking a pose in a thin tank top, and even one of the 25-year-old glaring at the camera in her Britney Spears getup from Season 2.

Whether or not the photos are all actually of Morris -- there's no denying that she looks fierce. Hell, in my eyes -- celebrity photo leaks are so totally the new thing! This just shows Heather is SO hot 'n happenin', the world wants more.

Besides, who cares if she likes to get naked? She's still ridiculously awesome.


Like I said, Morris is 25. If she wants to get naked, so be it. Just because there are a few scandalous photos of her bopping around the Interwebs doesn't mean she is any different today than yesterday. She's still got sick dance moves, a hilarious personality, and is just as fun-loving as ever.

Besides, this isn't the first time that the world's gotten a sneak peek at Morris' goodies. Just last year, photos leaked from a naked photoshoot she did. Morris' reaction? She told Extra that she thought the pics were beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. What an attitude! I love a woman with confidence!

So whether these photos are of her or not -- something tells me Heather probably has other things on her mind. The woman knows she's got it goin' on, and besides, there's a whole lot more of season 3 of Glee left for the filming!

What do you think of Heather's naked photos? Does this change how you view her as an actress?

Image via FOX

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