Kate Middleton Pumps It Up With Royal Blue Suede Shoes

Kate Middleton shoe contest

It's been a few weeks since we heard that Kate Middleton was going to judge a shoe design competition. I had my own vision for what the winning pair of pumps would look like. Quaint, probably three or four inches high. Most likely nude, using some lace. You know, Kate-tastic in all of the ways we've come to know and love the Duchess of Cambridge

Well the results are in, and 20-year-old Becka Hunt's blue suede stilettos reigned supreme over the six other designs. Sure, they're super cute, but part of winning the contest is that Kate is actually going to slip into these suede booties. Is it just me, or are these NOTHING like anything we'd expect Kate to wear?


Hands down my favorite part of these booties is the color. It's such a good blue, a royal blue -- perfect for a Duchess! AND it's going to match her engagement ring! It's times like this I totally wish I was fashionably inclined and could whip up a pair of cute booties myself.

Back to Kate, though. It's not that I don't think Kate will look fab in these blue babies. I could totally see them adding the perfect pop of color to Kate's go-to weekend look of J Brand jeans and a blazer. But, it's just not what we've come to expect from her, you know? I envy Kate's fabulous collection of nude and light colored pumps, and would die if I could walk around in them for hours like she can, effortlessly.

Who knows, maybe these fun stilettos will be the beginning of a summer splash of color throughout Kate's entire wardrobe. What's next? A bright pink blazer a la Kim Kardashian? Bring on the funky hues, Duchess!

What do you think about the winning stilettos?


Image via Getty Images

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