Armenian Genocide Awareness Gets Boost From Kardashian Power

Khleo and LamarLast night on Khloe and Lamar, the topic of the Armenian Genocide came up as Lamar Odom considered going to Turkey to play basketball during the NBA Lockout. Now suddenly the issue is trending and has an audience who's usually more interested in the use of handcuffs and lip gloss pondering the deep issues at hand. Talk about the power of the Kardashians.

To give you a little background, in case you missed the history lesson last night, the Armenian Genocide began back in 1915 after World War I when between 1 to 1.5 million Armenians were allegedly killed by the Ottoman Empire. Today, Turkey refuses to acknowledge it as genocide and estimates the death toll to be much lower, which outrages the Armenian people. Thus the reason it could have proven problematic for Khloe -- with her Armenian heritage -- to go with Lamar to Turkey. Just as it was a problem when one of Kim Kardashian's pictures ended up on the cover of the Turkish version of Cosmopolitan.


Khloe kept things pretty neutral, and presented the facts. She said she didn't blame this generation for what happened, but laid out the arguments her people have. All in all, she was pretty diplomatic. When she called her dad's brother, Uncle Tom, for advice, he told her to "stay out of it."   

After Khloe finally confessed her concerns to Lamar last night, he suggested that maybe it would be a chance for her to be an ambassador of peace there. While the NBA lockout ended, and Turkey was suddenly off the table, it's interesting to think that maybe he was right and that Khloe or any of the Kardashians really could contribute to world peace.

On one hand, it's incredibly disturbing that this family who rose to fame really after the sex tape of one sister now wields this much power. When they speak or Tweet, the world listens. Sometimes we judge, shudder, or scream at them to go away already, but the fact is they have our attention and the power to bring attention to causes both trite and significant.

Can you imagine if they got their sights set on political seats?

Are you surprised that the Kardashians can bring this much interest to one political topic?

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