Kristen Stewart Goes Topless in New Movie, Ditches 'Twilight' For Good

Kristen Stewart may be a superstar thanks to Twilight, but compared to peppier actresses who seem to relish stardom, K Stew has always been a little "broody." This makes her perfect for the new movie On the Road, based on the Jack Kerouac novel of the same name. And stepping even farther outside her teeny bopper role as Bella in Twilight, Stewart is baring all in the new movie. 

Though it might anger some fans, the fact is, it is probably a good career move for Stewart if she wants to be taken more seriously. After all, isn't getting topless the key to every actress becoming "serious"?

Think about Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams. It took getting nekkid to get seriously noticed, no? See below:


She looks good and she looks cool and the movie looks cool. Most of all, she is leaving Twilight behind her. My guess is most Twilight fans have never heard of Kerouac, let alone spent their adolescence reading On the Road and pining for his life.

Stewart seems like the latter kind of woman, so good for her. The only problem, of course, is that sometimes it is a little depressing to think women in Hollywood have to bare all to be taken seriously. But it does seem to be the case for whatever reason.

Stewart can do whatever she wants with her career and it is unclear whether the film shows anything more than her shoulders (from the trailer), but if it does, Stewart is doing the usual "I'm all grown up now" move.

Personally, as one of those Kerouac lovers, I can't wait to see the movie. Maybe it will give me new respect for her as an actress because I am no fan of Twilight.

Do you think this is a good or bad career move for K Stew?



Image via mfoc85/YouTube

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