Now Isn't the Time for Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina to Change Her Name

Whitney Houston has only been dead a few weeks, but the rumors have been flying ever since. Right now, TMZ is reporting that her 18-year-old daughter is contemplating a name change that will take the Bobbi part out of her name. Already, she is called "Krissy" and allegedly she wants to distance herself from her strange and erratic father. The decision makes sense. But she should wait.

Apparently, she has been wanting to do it since her parent's split but Whitney would not let her. Now there is nothing stopping her.

Still, she may want to think twice. From somewhere who has been there with early mother loss to another, I have to say: Don't make any rash decisions while you are still grieving.


People really seem to think grief is a linear process. You lose someone, you grieve them, you get better. The thing is, it isn't. I know because I also lost my mom when I was just a little younger than Bobby Kristina and it is 18 years later and I still miss her just as much. It never goes away.

But it does change. And right now, Bobbi Kristina is probably going through anger and fury that feels out of control. Changing her name is one way to gain back that control, right? But she is not in her right mind.

Maybe she has wanted it for years and maybe she should even do it -- Bobby Brown won't be winning any parenting awards any time soon -- but she should not do it now.

She needs time to grieve and come to terms with her broken family in her own way. Big, life-changing and altering decisions are best saved for times when we are in our right minds.

I don't doubt that she has every reason in the world to WANT to change her name, but I am not convinced it is the best decision for her right now. My heart goes out to her and I hope she finds some peace during this awful time.

Do you think she should change her name?


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