'Silent House' Gives Just the Jolt the Horror Movie Genre Needed

Silent House is the new horror movie from Chris Kentis and Laura Lau of Open Water fame. Starring Elizabeth Olsen (yes, THAT Olsen) is an 88 minute movie that is made to look like one continuous take and, given the reviews it has received, it may just reinvent the horror genre.

The thing about horror movies is this: They never change. Scream was such a hit way back when because it exposed the formula and the cliches all horror flicks use -- big boobs, "sluts" who die, and innocent girls in peril. Most horror films look like other horror films and rarely step outside the formula that has proven so successful. Why would they?

Silent House may change all that. And let's hope it does.


I am a huge horror movie fan. You would be hard pressed to find a horror film I have not seen. My husband and I devour them all from the most B-grade to the foreign to the big budget blockbusters, so when something new comes along in horror, you better believe I am stoked to see it.

The fact is, the continuous take can be a very effective technique. Think Alfred Hitchcock's Rope. For many Hitchcock fans, the one-take film was his best and there is no doubt that it works. It makes you feel like you are participating in it and are really there.

Films made in "real time" can be gimmicky, but in this case, I think it will add to the atmosphere and the suspense. I can't wait to see it and so far, the reviews have been decent, especially for a horror movie.

It's about time someone in Hollywood started taking chances with the genre! Eli Roth once seemed poised to do so, but his "torture porn" brand kind of became it's own formula. This is something truly new and proves you don't have to be brain dead or low brow to also appreciate the adrenaline rush a scary movie brings to the table.

Here's the trailer:

Looks pretty terrifying, no? I can't wait to see it!

Will you see this this weekend?


Image via Kritik/YouTube


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