Justin Bieber's Snake Now Accepts Paying Visitors

justin bieberBack in September, Justin Bieber whipped out his snake at the VMAs and freaked out girlfriend Selena Gomez. Bieber's pet reptile, who had been most aptly named Johnson, was an adorable little yellow fellow and was put up for auction after the VMA ceremony. Some Bieber and/or snake-loving fan snatched him up, and now, six months later, Johnson has resurfaced in Minnesota.

The auction winner donated the snake to the Rad Zoo in Owatonna and the zoo plans on giving Johnson a case of his own with a plaque that informs everyone that he was once handled by the incredible, imitable Justin Bieber.

If you're wondering if this means that girls will fork over money to see the Biebs' Johnson, then yes, that is correct. That's how this is working.


The people pay a zoo entrance fee, and boom, Bieber's snake is in their face. For some, it's a euphemistic dream come true. So many double-entendres just waiting to be (boa) constructed. That was terrible. Sorry.

Anyway, I hope the Rad Zoo is ready for an influx of teenager girls who will come, camera ready, to snap their photo with Bieber's Johnson. And I hope Facebook friends of teenage girls in Minnesota are ready for an influx of those pictures on their feed. It's never going to get old to them. Just ... prepare yourself.

I am worried about one thing, though -- those damn cougars. If they're allowed into the snake pit to view Justin's Johnson, watch out -- things are going to get violent. One minute Bieber's Johnson is safe and sound, the next, some 47-year-old woman has skinned it and is wearing it around her waist as a belt. Ssssscary.

Thoughts on Justin Bieber's snake at a zoo?


Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty

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