‘A Thousand Words’ Doesn’t Give Us the Eddie Murphy We Want (VIDEO)

Eddie MurphyHere I thought Kirk Cameron making an ass of himself was going to be the worst news out of our favorite stars of the '80s this week. But no, reviews from A Thousand Words, the new Eddie Murphy comedy, are proving his career's about as dead as the Twitter hoaxes of a month ago said he was.

When is Eddie going to learn? Happy, happy, rah rah schlock is just not him. We know too much crap about him.


We know, for one, that he made a baby with Mel B and then acted like a complete jerk, more or less abandoning his own daughter for the first three years of her life. Say it with me now: dooooouchebaaaaag. We know what he said in Raw. Every naughty, friggin hilarious word of it. We know about the transvestite prostitute.

And we liked him despite it ... but God knows we didn't want to share him with our kids. OK, except for Shrek. Donkey made our kids laugh. But there is an exception that proves every rule, and that was it.

We want the real Eddie Murphy back, OK? Please?

Because A Thousand Words doesn't sound like Eddie Murphy. The film directed by Brian Robbins -- who also steered Murphy's recent flops Norbit and Meet Dave ... surprise, surprise -- takes Eddie from being a literary agent who's a bit of an a-hole to -- you guessed it -- a literary agent who is kind and loving and just peachy keen, jellybean. I'm sorry for not giving you a spoiler alert, but the movie sounds so cookie cutter there was nothing to spoil. It's being called Liar Liar and Freaky Friday remixed and redone ... badly.

So how about we forget this little mishap? Go see John Carter so we can drool over the hot guy from Friday Night Lights, and Eddie starts shocking us again? M'kay?

Check out the trailer for A Thousand Words, and you be the judge:

What movie is on your agenda this weekend? Is A Thousand Words on the list?


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