Kate Middleton's Adorable Dog Is Bad News for Cocker Spaniels

cocker spanielDon't abandon me!You know how we all love to copy everything Kate Middleton does? Like, we buy whatever clothes she's wearing (even if it's a wedding dress), and we try to do our hair and eyeliner like hers? Yeah, well, let's let it stop there. Let's not copy the kind of dog she gets.

Since word got out that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got an adorable little cocker spaniel named Lupo -- you guessed it -- interest in spaniels have increased 50 percent. And that's not a good thing. Ever hear of something called Paris Hilton Syndrome?


PHS swept the nation when Paris Hilton was all the rage, and she was constantly photographed holding her little chihuahua. See, what happened was people saw Paris with a little dog, and then they, too, wanted a little dog -- a chihuahua, just like her. Of course, shortly after getting the dogs, these folks realized, "Holy crap, you actually have to feed and walk and take these things to the vet! No thanks!" They then got rid of their itty-bitty fur accessories, and boom, animal shelters were filled with abandoned chihuahuas. So not hot.

The Kennel Club is afraid that this same effect -- Kate Middleton Syndrome, if you will -- will happen again after people run out and buy cocker spaniels just to be like Catherine. Caroline Kisko from the Kennel Club said: "We are concerned that the popularity of particular pedigree or crossbreeds can go through the roof after they have been pictured with a celebrity owner. Kate and William have chosen a working line from the cocker spaniel breed, which needs lots of attention and activity and so may not be suitable for all people.”

All dogs need lots of attention. They're not easy. They're living, breathing things that not only bring us tons of joy, but that require a lot of work. I love my shih tzu to death, but not gonna lie -- really not looking forward to walking him after writing this. But I will. 'Cause I knew what I was getting myself into when I got him.

So, please, people-thinking-about-getting-a-cocker-spaniel-because-Kate-Middleton-has-one: Think long and hard about this decision. It's a big responsibility. A knee-length dress and some nude hose are one thing, a dog is quite another.

Would you ever get a specific dog because you saw a celebrity with one?

Image via JeremyMcWilliams/Flickr

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