Whitney Houston Will Give 'Glee' Graduating Seniors the Strength to Let Go (VIDEO)

amber riley sings I Will Always Love You
Mercedes singing 'I Will Always Love You'
There's no arguing that Amber Riley really knocked it out of the park when she belted out "I Will Always Love You" last month on Glee. It was super-ironic and a little strange that Ryan Murphy and the crew had filmed that prior to Whitney Houston's passing, but it happened to work out in a hauntingly perfect way. Now, though, they're making a concerted effort to honor Whitney with a full-episode tribute, sources confirmed to E! Online exclusively yesterday. The ep will include eight of the diva's hits! Yowza.

And ooh, it appears that they're filming as we speak! Yesterday, Lea Michele tweeted, "Starting a new episode today. A very special tribute to one of the worlds most amazing singers. Very excited about this one." Who could blame her? With Mercedes's take on Houston's #1 hit as an indication of what we have in store, it's evident that we Gleeks are in for a special treat.


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The source that chatted with E! dished that it's not going to be like any other celeb tribute we've seen from Glee before. Apparently, unlike the Madonna and Michael Jackson episodes -- which were amazeballs, of course -- this Whit tribute will be more of a "character piece" that focuses on Glee's graduating seniors having a hard time letting go. Makes perfect sense, and I could see a range of Whitney tracks fitting into that plotline seamlessly! Please oh please, however, don't let the Finchel duet end up being "Didn't We Almost Have It All?" Do. NOT. Want to see them break up!

The idea of saying goodbye works so well, too, because it obviously has a double meaning. Murphy wanted to do more to say goodbye to Whitney ... and what could be better to do that than by tackling her catalogue in a fresh and respectful way. Can't wait to see the end result!

Here's Amber Riley talking about what much Whitney Houston meant to her ...