Whitney Houston's Will DOES Include Bobby Brown (VIDEO)

bobby brownNew details about Whitney Houston's will have surfaced, and many people will be shocked to hear that Bobby Brown was actually included in it. I know -- my jaw dropped too.

While Whitney's daughter


To add to the controversy even more, Bobby Brown is listed as a backup beneficiary along with members of Houston's family, which would mean that if anything ever were to happen to Bobbi Kristina, Whitney's family members would be forced to split the contents of her will with Bobby Brown. Something tells me that this wouldn't exactly be done amicably. Can you even imagine how heated those conversations would get?

Whitney's family has already expressed concern over Bobby Brown's involvement in his daughter's life since her passing. They seem to maintain the view that he just isn't a good influence on Bobbi Kristina. (Can you blame them?)

And now that the new will details have surfaced, it makes even more sense that they wouldn't want him getting too close to her, or trying to cozy up to her and her money. It would look kind of shady if he decided to be a super-loving and supportive dad now that he knows she is about to inherit a fortune. But then again, shady and Bobby Brown kind of go hand in hand.

You can hear more details about Bobby Brown's inclusion in Whitney Houston's will by watching the video clip below.

Do you think that Whitney should have removed Bobby Brown from her will entirely?

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