Julianne Moore's 'Game Change' Role Came With Sarah Palin Meltdown Prep (VIDEO)

Julianne Moore as Sarah PalinI don't think I was the only person who was skeptical when they heard that Julianne Moore -- red-headed, freckled, serious actress Julianne Moore -- was tapped to play Alaska Governor/one-time Vice Presidential candidate


Well, to clarify, director Jay Roach was on the receiving end of the impressions from the staff -- and he then, in turn, acted them out for Moore (who, I assume, will, in turn, act them out for us on Saturday night when the movie airs). Here's how it all went down:

In an effort to really find out how Moore should portray Palin in certain scenes -- I.E. in the scenes of Palin prepping for her infamous interview with Katie Couric and for her debate with Joe Biden -- Roach asked McCain staffers to literally act out what Palin did. He said, "We checked with a lot of people who were in the room [when she was prepping], and we were like, 'Really? She just shut down? I know you're saying mini-meltdown, or shut down, but people throw the phrase around. What does it mean?'" So the staff put on a performance for Roach. He continued: "So they said, 'I'll act it out for you. And they would sit, stare at the floor, not respond, you know, eyes at half-mast. And I was so shocked." Inneresting, right?

Hearing that Palin acted in such a way is fascinating in and of itself, but I really look forward to seeing Moore act out these scenes. She's a fantastic actress, and I'm sure she'll do them justice. And couple her "first hand experience" with the fact that she's Palin's doppelganger in the film, it's on. Moore's got this. I totally stand corrected.

Watch Sarah Palin talk about Game Change:

Will you be watching Game Change this weekend?

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