'Lone Ranger' Sneak Peek Shows Johnny Depp's Tonto Is No Sidekick (PHOTO)

lone ranger
Photo credit: Peter Mountain
We're all stoked about the new Johnny Depp flick, The Lone Ranger -- especially now that we've seen that first photo from the film. I know it's called The Lone Ranger and it's actually Armie Hammer who's playing that masked man, but we all know it's Depp who's going to own this film, right? Especially with that striking look!

That black and white face paint and the bird on his head look like typical Depp eccentricity, but this look was not just spun from Depp's wild noggin -- or Verbinski's. Check out the real inspiration for Tonto's look.


Depp's Tonto bears a striking resemblance to this painting of a Dakota Indian in traditional attire. It's nearly the same, from the black and white face paint to the crow on his head. It looks like they found the most Depp-like Native American look they could find that still has precedence in actual Native American history.

So there's some real substance there when Depp said he wants to re-invent Tonto and the Lone Ranger's relationship, and "attempt to take some of the ugliness thrown on the Native Americans, not only in The Lone Ranger, but the way Indians were treated throughout history of cinema, and turn it on its head." After all, the actor believes he himself has some Native American ancestry. I'm glad its Depp who's reinventing Tonto.

So what else is Johnny going to take from Native American culture? And how is he going to pull it all off respectfully but in a way that's true to his wacky sensibility? We'll have to wait and see!

Are you surprised that Johnny's look comes from real life?

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