'Jersey Shore' Recap: Mike's Bomb Is a Bust -- Ha!

SnookiAfter all of the build-up and blabbering on for the good part of two seasons of Jersey Shore, tonight Mike finally dropped his bomb on Jionni, telling him that he and Snooki did sleep together. To say it was anticlimactic is about as much of an understatement as saying Mike is a little annoying.

It went something like this: "As a man ... as a man ... as a man ..." and there was a bunch of stuff in between before he finally got it out. "My Boy Unit was hookin' up with Ryder ... and Nicole walked in, saw them hookin' up ... and ... it was really quick."

Jionni's response: Nada. He simply nodded, shook MIke's hand, then went and crawled in bed with Snooki. "I'm laughing about something. I gotta tell you something," he said, then proceeded to tell her everything Mike told him. Snooki denied it, and they moved on ... which drove Mike batty. Ha!


I don't know whether Snooki and Mike really hooked up or not. My feeling is that they did. Regardless, it's still infuriating that Mike sees it as his duty to be the moral police when he's one of the most morally corrupt dudes around. So it was great to see his news tank, and none of it matters anyway, because we know that Snooki and Jionni are engaged and having a baby.

I have to admit that Jionni's extreme under-reaction was a bit odd though. He's either extremely laid back and trusting, or the guys are right and he didn't care if Nicole hooked up, because he had been hooking up with other people too. I hope it's the former.

Then there was poor Deena, who felt like she lost her meatball.

I do miss Nicole, she used to be my partner in crime out there, like you know? Like, taking shots, going nuts. Now it's like, one meatball stands alone, kind of, which sucks.

She's the only girl in the house without a boyfriend, and when the roommates pretty much forbid her from seeing Joey because they suspected he was using her just for sex, she got really sad. It was good to see her trust them on that one, as using people for sex is what these people know best, but I also don't blame her for feeling left out. I'm sure there's a guido out there for her somewhere.

There was also the unremarkable

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