'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Teaser to Bring Twi-Hards

breaking dawn part 1 bella  edwardOMG! As if we weren't already so psyched for the premiere of The Hunger Games in theaters on March 23 (squeee!), now there is even MORE reason to get to a theater to check out the flick on its opening weekend. Summit Entertainment announced today that a teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will screen ahead of every showing of The Hunger Games. So awesome!

Unsurprisingly, Summit seems to be getting a kick out of whetting Twi-Hards' appetites as much as possible. A tease of the teaser will premiere ahead of The Hunger Games, hitting the Internet in the early hours of March 20. Then, the full version of the teaser trailer makes its debut online on Monday after the HG premiere. Nonetheless, there's still a good chance Twi-Hards might not want to miss opening weekend of The Hunger Games ...


Because, come on, first of all -- seeing a trailer on the big screen is always going to be a more thrilling experience than watching it on your tiny iPhone or relatively small laptop screen. Second of all, this is the ULTIMATE union of the two most epic YA book-to-film series. Not only does it deserve a theatrical viewing, but it's proof that Twihards are going to have to convert to Hunger Games fans sooner or later.

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Of course we've been pitting them against one another for months now, wondering how the heroines and love triangles will stack up. (Gee, there sure are a lot of similarities, huh?) But that doesn't mean Twihards can't get into Hunger Games and vice-versa. In fact, I'm totally rooting for that to happen. Weeeelllll ... guess it's a little more imbalanced than that. I just want to see Twihards jump on the HG bandwagon STAT. Because hello, what are they waiting for? Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will be here before they know it, and they're going to NEED another series to obsess over. Katniss and Co. is IT, kids! I mean it, Twihards. If you haven't read the HG series already, get your nose in 'em. Clearly, the time has come.

Will you be seeing The Hunger Games in theaters on opening weekend? Are you a fan of both series or are you a Twihard who still needs converting?

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