Kim Kardashian Is Going Bald, Maybe

kim kardashianI tried to reach President Obama for comment, but apparently he's not in touch with the national crisis surrounding Kim Kardashian's hair. Ol' Kimmy was spotted at a Paris airport earlier this week and photogs caught her looking a little worse for the wear. It would seem, if you look at it from just the right angle, that Kim Kardashian is going bald.

Now here's the thing. We all know that Kim suffers from psoriasis, that she's under a ton of stress, and that she's constantly getting her hair done. There are tons of plausible reasons why the 31-year-old stunner could be losing her hair, but can it be? CAN. IT. BE. Is Kim really going bald?


There's evidence that something is a little bit unusual about her hair on the upper right side of her scalp -- it's clear that her hair there is thin and short.

Seeing as I haven't fully examined Kim's head in the past and cannot confidently speak as to whether or not she's always had this so-called bald spot or not, I don't feel like I can say one way or another what the heck is up with her 'do. Part of me thinks it's totally natural -- that she just has a deep part on that side. The other part of me thinks that her hair is, in fact, thinning and that she's doing a great job, when she tries, of covering it up.

Take the above photo. It was taken just a few hours after the airport shots that "exposed" her baldness. When she went out that night to Kanye West's fashion show, that spot on her hair had been thickened up with a lot of color. At the very least, it would seem that Kim's aware of this "problem" area and fills it in when out on the town.

Whatever the case -- if she's balding or not -- I'm pretty sure she has the resources and the on-staff hair team to make certain we never, ever find out the truth.

So what do you think -- Kim balding or what.

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