Kreepy Kardashian ‘Top Model’ Photoshoot Shows Kris Jenner’s Got a Big Problem

Kris, Kyle, and Kendall Jenner on 'America's Next Top Model'

Those silly Kardashians. Wait, what I mean to say is those silly Jenners. Right. Kris and her two youngest daughters Kylie and Kendall teamed up with the folks at America's Next Top Model: British Invasion for a wackadoodle photo shoot on last night's episode on The CW. Essentially, the premise was Kendall and Kylie do their best Addams Family impressions while the models pretend to be toddlers. Sort of. In other words -- it's Kris's world and we're all just living in it, as usual.

Aside from the fact that the concept of this is so totally freakish (I feel awkward just looking at the tween Jenners), I'd much rather comment on Kris Jenner's outfit. Is this not the 18th billionth time we've seen momma Kardash rock the mid-length lace-sleeved dress with detachable white collar look?

I've got to ask: Is there a limit to how many times you can wear the same thing?


I think 99 percent of the time we've seen Kris during the last three months, she's been wearing something pretty gosh darn similar ensemble. Whether it was while she was talking about Kim's divorce on the Today show, mommy managing during Kendall's big sweet 16 episode of Keeping Up, or for their 2012 Christmas card -- Kris just can't get enough of that white collar. Could this have something to do with the Kris' passion for the Life Change Community Church she helped found?

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