Kate Middleton Thrift Store Sighting: Which Fabulous Dress Did She Buy?

kate middletonSince the beginning of Kate Middleton's reign, we've seen her wear many hats. No, I'm not talking about the ornate Philip Treacy hats she's often seen donning at weddings and random blue blood goings on, I'm talking about figurative hats.

For instance, she's proven that despite her (super rich) "average" upbringing, she can rub elbows with the poshest of them, and at the same time, she can appear perfectly comfortable hitting up a grocery store or, hell, even donning a cowboy outfit.

But now Duchess Catherine is adding a new hat to her ... hat tree: Hipster. And bargainista. (No, serious bargainista.) The future Queen of England was recently spotted thrifting.


Remember that gray Jesire coatdress she was seen wearing recently at her first solo gig? Yeah, well, it's from a thrift store. We knew that the design company was defunct, but we didn't know that Kate got the dress after the design company was defunct. What a hip lady. She may as well buy a bicycle, a pair of dark-rimmed oversized glasses, and move to Brooklyn for God's sake.

In addition to Kate being cool for shopping at secondhand stores -- and economical and environmentally-friendly -- she's cool for not giving an eff about status. Royal people don't usually shop at thrift stores. Broke college students and Kate Hudson shop at thrift stores. Royal people wear custom-made, perfectly tailored, diamond-encrusted frocks. Could you imagine Queen Elizabeth hitting up a Goodwill?

This is just another reason we love the Duchess of Cambridge -- even she can't resist a good deal.

Check out this video of Kate on her charity tour -- love!

Do you ever shop at thrift stores?

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