Kate Middleton Looks Sexy as a Retro Flight Attendant (VIDEO)

kate middletonEven though she's very prim and proper and polished like any royal should be, there's simply no denying the fact that Kate Middleton is one very gorgeous woman. Even when she's dressed in a more conservative outfit, she still manages to pull off a certain element of sexy. Who says that a princess can't be extremely hot and classy at the same time?

Kate visited Leicester De Montfort University with the Queen this week, and she chose to wear this teal colored suit paired with a cute black hat and belt. Take a closer look at her whole get-up -- doesn't she remind you of a retro flight attendant? She's definitely got the whole Pan Am vibe going on.


If she had worn this outfit while walking around the streets of New York City, she could've easily been mistaken for an actress on the ABC show. Her look certainly fits in with the rest of the cast even though the color of her "uniform" is a bit darker. Can't you picture Kate walking up and down the aisle of a 737 asking passengers if they'd like a magazine? Looking up and seeing someone as beautiful as Kate pushing the beverage cart would have plenty of the men in the cabin spilling their drinks all over themselves for sure. And the pilots wouldn't be able to resist her either!

This outfit is just another classic example of Kate's incredible knack for consistently choosing styles that are not only timeless, but also deliver exactly the right mix of current trends and sex appeal.

You can see another one of Kate's subtle yet sexy looks in the video clip below.

Do you think that Kate was going for the Pan Am look, or was it a coincidence?

Image via Splash

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