Whitney Houston's Will Doesn't Leave Bobbi Kristina EVERYTHING (VIDEO)

whitney houston bobbi kristinaEver since the details of Whitney Houston's will were released yesterday, all anyone seems to be talking about is the fact that Bobbi Kristina is going to be a very rich girl -- and she's set for life. Countless sites are reporting that she will inherit all of Whitney's assets, jewelry, cars, and clothes, and all of Whitney's money will be put into a trust for her.

Sure -- it's all well and good that she will at least have financial security in her life going forward, but that doesn't change the fact that her mother died suddenly at the age of only 48. As much as its contents are being glorified in the press, Whitney Houston's will can't replace what Bobbi Kristina lost. Because money and the love and comfort of a parent aren't even remotely the same thing.


Considering that it's only been a few weeks since Whitney passed away, odds are good that Bobbi Kristina is still in somewhat of a state of shock. She probably hasn't even fully processed the fact that she is never going to see her mother again. Whitney won't be there to jump up and down and scream when she gets engaged. She won't be there to help her plan her wedding. And she won't be present when Bobbi finally has her own children someday.

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Something tells me that at the tender age of 19, Bobbi would trade all of the money and assets she just inherited for one more day with her beloved mother. And aside from the financial aspects of the will, it has to be kind of hard for her to have to look at the clothes, jewelry, and other items that were worn by Whitney. I'm sure that at this point -- she could care less about how much those things are worth, because they are precious memories to her. Hopefully Bobbi Kristina will finally find some peace soon -- because constantly hearing about all her mother left behind in the press is only going to make it harder for her to accept that she's gone and move on with her life.

You can hear more details of Whitney Houston's will in the video clip below. I'm sure Bobbi Kristina has heard about enough.


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