'Revenge' Bait-and-Switch Leaves Us Angry and Confused

revenge episode 16 emilyWell those people! I sat down tonight ready for some bandage dress-wearing, chardonnay-swilling, stealthily scheming, Hamptons-style Revenge. We're at a critical juncture, here. Sweet, dopey Daniel has been charged for the murder of psychotic frenemy Tyler. But we know he's not fully responsible for Tyler's death. And Daniel knows there's something suspicious about his fiance -- dear, loyal Emily.

And then there's that impossible choice Emily faces: Cover up for Daniel or for Jack? Who to save?

So here I am, with my popcorn in my favorite chair and -- ERRRRK! No Revenge tonight! Instead, ABC brings you 20/20 Revenge for Real, a story about a real-life murder in the Hamptons-- that I have absolutely no interest in. And then I find out how long we have to wait until the next episode.


Revenge is taking the rest of March off. And also the first half of April. No new episodes until April 11!

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