Debbie Harry Looks Great ... or Lindsay Lohan Looks Awful (PHOTOS)

debbie harry
Is that you, Lindsay Lohan?
Lindsay Lohan must be wishing she didn't go quite so platinum Blondie right about now. I mean, I assume it's not a big deal if the paparazzi occasionally mistakes one celeb for another -- assuming the celebs in question are the same gender and size and ... age. But how often do they mix up a 66-year-old singer with a 25-year-old actress? Cause that's what happened when Debbie Harry left the Mercer Hotel on Sunday morning!

Photographers totally mobbed the former Blondie frontwoman thinking she was Lilo!! Which I'm sure Harry took as a compliment, because what woman wouldn't be psyched if a crowd of people thought she was 41 YEARS YOUNGER?!

Lohan, on the other hand ...


I'm guessing she was less-than-psyched.

Although, to be fair, there were large sunglasses involved ... and face-obscuring bangs. And Lohan had been staying at the Mercer just a couple of days before Harry. So maybe it was an honest mistake ...

lindsay lohan
Nope. That's Lindsay Lohan!
Yeah, I'm not doing such a great job convincing myself, either. But who knows, this case of mistaken identity could end up being just the wake-up call Lohan needs. Jail? Please. The prospect of a lifetime behind bars is nowhere near as scary as a bunch of people thinking you're 66 when you're 25!!

And what have we learned this evening? A complement for Debbie Harry = a wake-up call for Lindsay Lohan = a cautionary tale for starlets everywhere.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan looks like Debbie Harry?


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